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Welcome to my new blog for the year 2020, i thought it would be interesting for my clients and followers to get a bit more of an insight into what goes on in the workshop, the hope is this will get people to visit the website more often and engage with the work i undertake, Ive always been wary of starting a blog as so many people fail to post to them regularly and it seems to me better no blog at all than one that is rarely used or forgotten about, alas here i am writing my first blog post, it may well be my last and this page may well disappear when i come to realize that I'm not up to the task of writing anything particularly interesting regularly.

I hope the the blog also gives an excuse to show a bit of what goes on behind the scenes, and allows me a platform on which i can explain particular issues with jobs to my customers, its likely that this blog will show more of the dirty work the blown fuses and motor wiring and the odd jobs that fill in the gaps between big projects that are sometimes overlooked on my Instagram posts.

The photo below was taken on moving in day, when i began to move my tools into my "new" workshop in Nether Silton. Its smaller than my previous workshop and moving into a workshop has some difficulties, while obviously the same physical space the workshop i now inhabit is currently unrecognizable to me from the image below, working in a small space over time you find efficiencies to make everywhere, be it a better way of storing metalworking files or the idea that a piece of machinery takes up more valuable space than its worth, the development of the space over time is quite interesting to look back on and its interesting how with more kit than ever i now make use of the same space.

2019 was a difficult year with some personal issues that interfered somewhat with my work, to look back now on that time is wonderful as those issues became a prime mover to make changes in my life which had a positive impact on my work, thus the tail end of 2019 was a very pleasing, I was fortunate enough to secure a stocking job over the Christmas period and complete it in time for my client to shoot his last days of the season January has been very slow but not for lack of work, it doesn't take much to hold up a job, and between customers not being to make it, late deliveries of supplies its been difficult to finish jobs when i expect i should have had them finished.

Im recovered now from flu which wrote off early February, i find it hard to forgive myself for taking time off when projects are already delayed, however after trying twice, i have to count myself in the number of people who think it might be possible to carry out fine checkering work with a head cold; it isnt!

I'm looking forward to the next post which will be more focused on what is currently going on in the workshop.

See you soon ( i hope )


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