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In 2018 i began making limited production batches of gunsmiths turnscrews. Turnscrews are used on side by side guns with blades specially ground and heat treated to fit the fine slots found on such guns so that screws can be removed without damaging finely engraved screw heads. The pattern is based on a set of turnscrews i made for my own use early in my gunsmithing career. The idea behind the turnscrews was to have a physical product that i could take to shows and fairs in the future to promote my business. Every aspect from the handles, to the blades and printed boxes are made in house, handles are turned from off cut from stock blanks of fine walnut on a hand operated copy lathe copying from a solid steel pattern turned for the purpose. Blades are precision ground  from O1 tool steel and cut to shape before being heat treated and fitted to the handles, each set comprises of three handmade turnscrews in a simple but stylish printed pine box with instructions for modifying your turnscrews to properly fit your gun.

There are currently 2 sets of turnscrews from the most recent batch available for immediate sale, the price per box is £155 inclusive of UK postage. International postage is available at extra cost.

These will be the last sets available for some time as I currently do not have enough scrap to produce a quantity of new handles, in future I intend to explore other options with regards production of tools, in the hope to provide a better range of tools.


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